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Talika, the leading French cosmetics brand, presents Bust Serum, their newest innovation: a truly unique, effective and safe breast enhancer.

– One bra size in 4 weeks

– From 0.7 to 1.5 inches in 6 weeks!

How is it possible?

Bust Serum works on the fatty tissues of the breasts.

The breasts are composed of fatty tissues giving them shape and volume. Bust Serum contains mukul bark extracts which enhance targeted triglycerides storage making the breasts look and feel larger.


Volume, yes, but also elasticity, firmness and appearance

The breasts are only connected to the thorax by ligaments, the Cooper’s ligaments. There are no muscles in the breasts; the skin is their only support. Overtime and as a result of volume and weight variations, the skin loses its elasticity and the breasts tend to sag. The kigelia africana extracts in Bust Serum improve tissues elasticity, firmness and appearance. Clinical trials have shown that breasts raise up by 18%.

The combination of kigelia africana, mukul bark extracts, oat extracts, peptides, raspberry seed oil from Chile and hyaluronic acids strengthens the skin’s tonicity and improve elasticity by 70%. The breasts are better maintained and more developed as a result.

Safe – No surgery!

Let Talika do for your bust line, what Talika does for your lashes!

The Bust Serum is available exclusively at

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